The Grand Manan Board of Directors is composed of 6-9 individuals representing the broad island community.  The Executive Committee consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Individual Directors are elected to these roles at the first board meeting following the Annual General Meeting in early July.


Board of Directors 2021



Edgar, Liz


Guptill, Carole

Secretary, Archives Representative

Ouellette Cheryl

Vice-President, Archives Representative & Archives Treasurer

Risebourgh, Ginny


Smith, Diane


Turner, Jayne

Interim Board Member (2020-2021)

M.J. Edwards


Bird, Ken

Former Board Member, continuing active with Raffle Ticket Sales at Community Markets

Giberson, Frances

Former Board Member, continuing active with Reading Room Library

Ingersoll, Karl

Former board Member, continuing active with Website Design & Consulting, Special Digital Projects



Annual Dinner & Other Fund-Raising Events:  Director, Liz Edgar, Carole Guptill, Cheryl Ouellette

Archives Committee: 3 members from Museum Board, 3 members of the Historical Society Board, Museum Director & Archivist

Collections Committee:  Director

Evening Programming & Special Events:  Director

Exhibit Renewal/Creation:  Director & Board President (or others as needed)

Finance Committee - Fund-Raising Initiatives (Raffles, Dinners, Concerts, Workshops); Summer Jobs (Canada Summer Jobs, Young Canada Works); Provincial Operating Grant; Provincial Collections Grant; Provincial Exhibit Renewal/Creation Grant; Rotary Win-Win & Rotary Education Grants; Village of GM; Fundy Community Foundation Grants:  Director & Treasurer.

Gift Shop - New Vendors, Creation of Museum Promotional/Brand/Logo Items:  Director & others as needed

Maintenance & Grounds:  Director, Summer Staff, & volunteer board members as needed

Reading Room Collection:  Frances Giberson & Director

Public Relations (website, Facebook, advertising):  Director, Karl Ingersoll, & Diane Smith